You are a financial/owner of aircraft, GSE can support you in various projects:

- Lease return (redelivery):

GSE perform a aircraft records audit, and can creat all the folders requested by the Lessor and in accordance with the agreement between the Lessor and Lessee and the regulation.

- Pre-purchase inspection:

GSE assist the owner to perform a pre-purchase inspection based on GSE inspection report or owner report.

- Check follow up:

GSE perform the check follow up on site of the base maintenance with the policy of the owner. This include to follow the storage, convertion passenger to freigther, engine change, redelivery check, paint, etc...

- Engineering:

GSE assist the owner to check all the documents send by the Lessee during a Lease.

- Scan:

For all the projects, GSE scan the documents and can upload these one on the GSE FTP.


GSE develop a department to help the operator to find some aircraft for purchase or lease.




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